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Chanmaru 찬마루

Korean Tofu House

Korean Soft Tofu

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Experience the Taste of Authentic Korean Cuisine

Each of our dishes are influenced by our deep passion to serve you the absolute best that Korean cuisine has to offer. From soondubu to naengmyun, experience the taste of authentic Korean cuisine with every bite.

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We're here to make your dining experience the best that it could be. Whether you wish to enjoy your dining experience in our dining area or just stop by to pick up an order, we are now offering a convenient way to place an order ahead of time

We Love Our Customers!

“The soontofu was the star of the show. The broth was delicious and savory while the tofu and beef had a great texture and flavor from slurping up the juices. The cherry on top was the rice that pairs perfect with the stew. The side dishes were also great with a raw marinated blue crab, which is something I never have gotten as ban chan in USA.”


- Andy S.